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  • 精美燉品套裝為每樽280ml (1人份量),可以選擇F01-F13花膠湯及B01-B08燕窩任何口味
  • 花膠每樽$140, 燕窩每樽$190
  • 10個燉品起訂 (每5個燉品可以選擇1款口味, 10個湯或以上可以選擇2款口味,如此類推,最多可揀選6款口味)
  • 適合企業活動、派對到會、升職餅、散水餅、婚禮回禮、百日宴等中慰勞及招呼客戶、同事、親友們
  • 每樽湯更可免費要求獨立包裝,訂製個人化貼紙或掛上心意卡
  • 全港大部份地區送上樓+免運費 (包括主要工、商業及住宅區)
  • 請最少提前7個工作天預訂
  • 購買後請whatsapp +852 57938002 以安排送湯時間及詳情等
  • 注意: 如閣下下單及付款後因送貨位置屬於偏遠地區而選擇退款,我們將收取手續費$60
  • 如有更多查詢請參考條款及細則


  • For the Happy Share Package, you can pick any flavours between F01-F13 from the fish maw menu and B01-B08 from the birds nest menu, each consists of 280ml
  • For fish maw soup/dessert: $140 each, for birds nest: $190 each
  • Minimum order of 10 soups is required (2 flavours for 10 soups or above, 3 flavours for 15 soups or above, 4 flavours for 20 soups or above and so on, you can select up to maximum 6 flavours)
  • Perfect fit for farewell party among colleagues, corporate cocktail party to welcome your clients also hosting home party to treat your friends and family
  • Individual thank you card or stickers for each bottle can be added at no extra cost
  • We deliver to most of the areas in Hong Kong without delivery charges
  • Please order your soup 7 business days in advance
  • Please whatsapp us at +852 57938002 for soup delivery arrangement after checkout
  • Please be noted that if customers request for a full refund after the payment is done and given that the delivery address is out of our service area, $60 handling fee will be charged
  • For more information, please check our terms & conditions

精美升職散水餅燉品套裝 (可選擇花膠或燕窩, 10樽起訂) Happy Share Package (280ml each, MOQ 10 bottles)

    • 如想訂購10樽,只需將以上數量由1更改爲10便可
    • If you would like to purchase 10 bottles, just simply change the quantity from 1 to 10 above
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